Construction, Development & Engineering

Helivision Solutions specialise in drone aerial imaging for the construction industry.

We understand what you need and how you like to work. We have years of experience in this sector, working with some of Australia’s largest construction companies across progress reporting, building and asset inspections and the creation of marketing materials.

Drone aerial filming technology makes progress reporting simple. Keep track of construction stages quickly and easily through our High Definition (HD) detailed images.

A civil engineering company completes a project at Penrith Lakes Scheme.

Pymble Ladies College celebrating 100 years and a newly constructed swimming and fitness facility.
  • We provide accurate records.
  • Flexible and cost-effective packages tailored to each project.
  • We adhere to strict safety standards.
  • Our comprehensive Job Site Assessment (JSA) can complete a thorough risk assessment for each location.

Pre development pictures and video show the full potential of your site before construction even begins a powerful marketing tool to assist potential buyers in understanding your finished project.

We capture the exact views at multi levels and positions long before construction starts. Your projects view is captured from precise heights, using advanced GPS and stabilization technology.

All images both photo and video are taken in High Definition (HD). 360 degree video and photo show site dimensions which creates an invaluable marketing tool. Images for planning, marketing content as well as design purposes. 

Helivision Solutions aerial film and photography allows your clients to truly appreciate the site from multiple heights and positions which value adds to the project.

Our images will promote precise dimensions of the site as well as giving the exact location to surrounding facilities such as proximity to schools, local transport, shops, hospitals and recreation facilities.

Our services are tailored to meet your individual requirements – from your concept with our images and footage, to a truly professionally finished promotional video.

The completed upgrade/ redevelopment of Ballast Point Reserve for public enjoyment.
Major infrastructure from construction to completion.